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"Robin Hood" Prevents Travelers from Overpaying for Hotels Worldwide


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PLEASE HELP US PROTECT AND FREE ALL THE VICTIMS! 1 in 4 people are abused, and become trauma survivors who are taught to be victims. 1 in 3 U.S. adults will be arrested, often by abusers trying to punish us, or prevent us from leaving, (I should know!) Up to 59% of all PEOPLE IN JAIL ARE VICTIMS, there on nothing but someone's story only, without evidence, or truth. If you get scared into accepting a plea bargain, you lose social security for life, (average $750,000), and are left with problems trying to make money, so we end up BACK ... read more

The Growing Pot

worldwide educative participative challenge
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The Growing Pot: The first worlwide educative and participative challenge. "Several" can do "a lot"...but how much? Curious? It's up to you to join the adventure and write the story together.